The loser boxer who came to weigh the underwear loses the fight, ends with a distorted eye, no world title


11 abr 2021 13:35 GMT

The day before entering the ring, Ebenezer Bridges made headlines for being subject to official weight-underwear, which was criticized by many and described by his rival as “disrespectful” to the game.

Australian Ebony Bridges and British Shannon Gordonne face each other for the Australian Boxing Association World Phantomweight title this Saturday. After an intense 10-round fight, Bridges suffered the first loss of his short life, and the judges unanimously decided that the Europeans had taken the empty belt. Sky News.

It was not easy for Courtney. In the first round her opponent looked strong and consistent, but the winner knew how to take advantage of the chances, and in the middle of the fight she hit a blow that left Bridges with a terrible swelling in her left eye. Although her eye was almost completely closed she refused to give up.

The Australian got a huge penalty in the ninth inning, which was decisive and allowed him to continue despite a corner injury in a controversial decision. Although the numbers were not in her favor, she endured herself to the last. “I didn’t get the win, but I fought with all my heart. I haven’t seen in the last three rounds, but I haven’t given up.” He said Bridges.

Before the fight, the boxers exchanged friction and insults, but after they hugged each other and announced the winner they showed excellent athleticism and mutual respect. “I picked up the box better, I have a punch, I always hit my ‘jab’. She tried to knock me out. My ‘jab’ beat me in the fight. Her eye shows it,” Courtney concluded.

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Controversial weight

One day before entering the ring, Bridges made headlines for carrying official weightlifting, which was criticized by many and described by his rival as “disrespectful” to the game. According to the Australians, coming out with underwear tried to attract more people to fights and women’s boxing, which “needed more eyes.” “If we can get as many people as we can to watch the fight, Shannon and I can show the audience where women can fight.” Argument In an interview.

“I can understand why [Ebanie] He says he wants to focus more on the game, but wants to have more spectators for the right reasons. I have a 14 year old sister and my coaches have daughters. I want to be a good role model, to show that hard work and motivation take you here, not to show your body, “Shannon replied.

By the end of yesterday, Courtney had scored his seventh victory in eight fights as a professional. His only loss was against Rachel Paul in August last year, who could face him next. Meanwhile, the Bridges finished 5-1-0.

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