The legislature approves the cooperation agreement with China

Marcela Villadoro, deputy to the arena, criticized that the terms it signed were not clear so that China’s agreements could be fully fulfilled.

Pro-government representatives of the new ideas urged the legislature today to approve the cooperation agreement signed by President Iyengar Bukel with the People’s Republic of China. He said the deal was approved with 66 votes in full this Tuesday.

“Don’t think so much about anything that is a gift to the country. It’s non-refundable, it’s a structure, it acts as an umbrella, under which various projects will be carried out,” explained Ana Figurova, vice chair of the Foreign Relations Commission, before the vote on the new ideas. A positive opinion that will be submitted to the vote of the full session.

The request was received by the Foreign Ministry in the Assembly on Tuesday, the same day it is expected to be approved without further discussion than convening the Foreign Committee today to issue a favorable opinion.

Marcela Villadoro, a Congresswoman from Arena, complained that she could not vote for a document they did not know.

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“I see that we started the discussion on this matter without reading the article on the agreement of this framework,” Vildoro shouted.

The chairman of the commission replied, “If the agreement is not read, what can be done is an administrative summary with the most important parts.”

Christian Guevara, head of the New Ideas section, explained that this is a cooperation agreement that has been pending since Buccaneer’s visit to China in December 2019.

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According to Buckell, it was $ 500 million in unpaid public investment and unconditionally, he compared it to two Fomilinios in 1, “and without a copy.”

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Some of the projects that Guevara mentioned are the new national library, a new stadium and water purification projects that will be carried out by contract.

He added that they have good relations not only with China but also with Russia and other countries in the world to establish agreements. He did not rule out that they would continue to work with the United States.

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