Modesto Montoya: Chile and Colombia have a Ministry of Science and Technology

The nuclear physicist and current member of the technical team of Free Peru, Modesto MontoyaHe argued that Chile and Colombia have an advantage over science and technology, because both countries have a ministry on this matter.

He indicated that he supports Castillo Terrones because he adopted a proposal that they have had for 30 years regarding science and technology. He said that Pedro Castillo has no accusation of corruption.

He asserted that the current system has led the country to a “lousy education and a science without resources.” He argued that 0.1% of GDP in science and technology is the lowest in all of Latin America.

“Chile has a Ministry of Science and Technology, Colombia has a Ministry of Science and Technology. We are always behind, preventing development, ”Modesto Montoya told N Cover of Canal N.

On the other hand, he pointed out that Vladimir Cerrón and Guillermo Bermejo are not part of the current electoral competition, so it should not be “delving” into the history of both characters.

As it is recalled, in the last hours an audio was revealed in which the congressman elected by Peru Libre is heard saying that “if we take power, we are not going to leave it.”

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