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Many people in the interface are curious to know who their friend or partner is talking to when connected to the app. What’s more, they often want to find out for themselves who they are chatting with.

That’s why WhatsApp has now joined Meta, Or Metaverse, as previously called Facebook, Report this data accurately.

Here are the considerations you need to consider in order to do so. This does not require downloading third-party applications or APKs, and in most cases, they can be infected Device With viruses or malware.

Steps to find out who a user is chatting with the most

The steps described below can be applied to both operating systems Android What IPhone.

Steps to find out who a user is chatting with the most

The first thing you need to do is perform the updated WhatsApp application on your cell phone.

If you do not have it, you can download it from the official iOS Store or Google Play Store.

Then go ‘SettingsWhatsApp ‘or’ Settings’

Whatsapp settings

At that time, you will see ‘Storage and data‘. Then, click on ‘Above’Manage storage‘. Note that this name may vary on some devices.

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