After returning from Europe Ambris: ‘It was a dream come true soon’

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After him Adventure in Spain With the group Huska, Ignacio Ambris returned to Mexico Directly Toluca. This afternoon, the now crimson technician admitted it Your European dream Finished sooner than I expected.

“It simply came to our notice then A dream woke me up a lot RapedThe. “Everything is going so fast, I never thought it would happen,” he told a news conference.

Of course, the strategist made it clear No regrets Any decision taken at the behest of the Spanish Second Division team. “We all have lessons to learn from failures. I have no regrets, On the contrary, It helped me to know other thingsI know they are already in Europe, ”he commented.

Now, a few days from him Introduction to the DevilsOn top of that MX League, Predicts Ambris Will constantly show off attacking football It refers to him and driving Leon, he became one of the best Mexican coaches by winning the title at Guard1anes 2020.

They will only see old Nacho. Have to live one more year. Joy and excitement about Toluca. A view of being in this club, its facilities and the people who warmly welcome you. I am a very mature coach And they are well aware of my football idea of ​​being a hero and playing for any team for you. We have to progress in many aspects, it is a team with a goal and we have to be the owners of the ball and the game.

Change in plans due to Govt

Like other Liga MX teams, Toluca has been affected by the positive cases of Govt-19 In this the infection of Leo Fernandez stands alone. In this connection, The Game against Poomas One victim Day and time change, Will now be played Monday night. This situation diminished Ambris’ attitude, as he understood the situation and focused on getting his players back to the finals of the championship.

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“Yes I changed my attitude Because I thought I had to play with some players, I could not start with them, but some I could do for the bank. But still I am eager to recover them physically Because they have two weeks without training. I want to take them to the bank and use them later so that they can be completed, ”he said.

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