The Juventus team includes Cristiano and his offers

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Although in Juventus Confirm it Cristiano Ronaldo will continue At the club, the Portuguese seem to be more and more alone on the team His teammates would have had enough of a striker And they can no longer afford the privileges they have received, which will encourage them to leave.

The Cassette Dello game Says The relationship between CR7 and other shelves is practically non-existent They were still upset that the Portuguese player did not train for a special clearance on Monday, after the humiliating attack. A.C. Milan The day before.

That Monday Cristiano He went on Maranello With the President Andrea Agnelli Y John Elkon Y Ferrari got the chance to buy the Monza for 1. 1.6 million, Where he was seen smiling so much that it did not sit well with Diposi or his teammates.

According to the Italian newspaper, Cristiano You only speak outside the club Carlo Pinocchio, When Other players “surprised and disappointed” Because of his absence on Monday and the fact that “they abandoned him”, he no longer has the privileges he was entitled to.

With Marricio wing The Portuguese did not do athletic sessions Birlow It is generally permissible to attend personal or sponsored matters, So they did not recognize him as a leader on campus.

Ronaldo Can earn 30 million euros a year, But his performance has slowed down despite being against this Wednesday Sassuolo He achieved his hundredth goal at Turin.

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