The investigation established how space flight changed the bodies of four civilian crew members

A collection of articles published in Nature Portfolio shows the different health impacts of space.

astronaut, nasa, space. Image: Unsplash

An article published in the magazine Nature wallet Show by compiling Scientific investigations: How a flight into space changed the bodies of four civilian crew members What are the consequences on their health of being in Earth's orbit?

First, it was analysed Process inspiration4which will be implemented in 2021 by Elon Musk's space company, SpaceX, which isIt sent four civilian crew members aboard a rocket on a short, three-day trip into Earth's orbit This was the first privately funded flight to transport untrained people off the planet.

astronaut, nasa, space.  Image: Unsplashastronaut, nasa, space. Image: Unsplash

There, scientists from different parts of the world collected data from members of this crew, because They underwent medical follow-up before, during and after the flight into space The data collected was carried out after a series of analyzes of its molecules, cells and physiology of each person.

next to, The analysis with the crew of this mission differs from that conducted by NASA experts because the SpaceX rocket orbits the Earth at an altitude of 585 km. The height is much higher than his height International Space Station (International Space Station), which exposes the crew to another, perhaps denser, radiation environment.

Astronaut, space.  Image: UnsplashAstronaut, space. Image: Unsplash

astronaut.  picture;  Unsplash

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What are the side effects of space travel for civilians?

After analyzing all the studies and experiments conducted on the four volunteers that Musk sent into space, Five main side effects were found They are observed after they set foot on the ground again.

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Scientists reported the observation Changes in transcription (the complete set of expressed RNA molecules), In the epigenome (the collection of biochemical signals throughout the genome), In cellular dynamics, In microbiome movement And in Mitochondrial responses.

It is in this sense that they noted that it was observed in the crew Significant loss of muscle mass, vital signs of aging in their bodies and inflammation of the skin. These effects are closely related to the physical stress they experienced during the flight.

Japan successfully launched its new H3 rocket.  Photo: Reuters.The missile was successfully launched in Japan. Photo: Reuters.

Moreover, a difference with respect to gender has been observed since then Both crew members returned to their normal levels faster Their immune system is stronger than men's. However, scientists warned against this Astronauts are exposed to severe health risks when they journey into spaceno matter how short.

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