The innovation space is up for tender again for an additional €147,000

building Technological innovations space in Tormes (EITT) will cost €147,000 more than initially expected after the announcement of the cancellation of the first contracting process. The new bid was announced for €957,524 compared to €810,300 including taxes. that The first offer was not attractive to the construction companies This also means that the project must be checked out Assistance from European Funds EDUSIWhereas, with the opening of a new contracting process, the position will not expire by December 31st, which is a prerequisite for this type of support.

This is why the Consistory decided to include it in the Local Cooperation Funds of the Junta of Castile and León, according to the same Finance Adviser, Fernando Rodriguez. What has not changed is the implementation time, as the works must be completed within half a year. We must remember that this space which It will be built next to the Tormes + de La Salle Centeris part of one of the fundamental steps to turn Salamanca into a biotech capital, along with Tormes + itself and the Bionova bioincubator, which is already under construction.

It is a building of 488 square meters and will have its sacred place in the virtual reality room located on the ground floor of the future building, as well as in the multi-purpose space that will occupy an area of ​​225 square meters, where service and collaborative robots through various activities and work with new technologies. All types of professionals may use EITT for Develop interactive simulations, perform behavioral testing, and conduct research to develop new productsYes.

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The space will contribute to putting Salamanca in The cutting edge of technology is at the service of citizens, companies and entrepreneurs, because it will facilitate access to digital spaces and metaverse services through training and consulting processes that will be provided free of charge. EITT wasn’t the only public business that has been dumped in recent months, following surges in building materials and energy.

the A wave of abandoned bids It got worse last year and had a bigger exponential in it dry port, initially budgeted at 10.9 million. gardening work San Vicente Hill It was also not attractive to construction companies with a budget of 220 thousand euros, so the Consistory will carry it out with its own money, in addition to Demolition of the old machinery park, who was hired in April after no company showed up for the first operation and the item increased by 50% to €340,000. last year The lack of interest in public contracts has crippled investments worth 27 million in the province of Salamanca.

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