The House of Science opens a new space for outdoor entertainment and networking starting November 7

The Science House, affiliated with the Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), is launching a new space for outdoor leisure and communication, starting next Monday, November 7, as well as equipping in the basement of a new exhibition and workshop space building. After an investment of about 1.2 million euros and after a year of works, the old pavilion in Peru is now a new attraction for visitors, according to sources from Casa de la Science to Europa Press.

Thanks to the implementation of the project called ‘Implementation of Administrative Activity, Scientific Outreach and Exterior Design in the Peru Pavilion of the CSIC Delegation in Andalusia’, the Council transformed the 3,000 square meters of free space surrounding the building of the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929 into an exhibition and entertainment area connected to the world of science and experimentation.

This measure was inspired by the participatory process called “Science Revealed,” in which proposals were collected from educators, educators, architects, and civil society at large. The intervention made it possible to present a ‘new image’ of the building’s exterior, with recreational areas representing conversations, performances, and even experimental installations similar to those that can be enjoyed in the Science Park of Grenade. Among the proposals, the creation of a “small path for plants” also stands out.

The project submitted by CSIC also allowed the Urban Planning Department to renovate the existing external fencing, in addition to providing lighting, irrigation and sewage for rainwater discharge, and a “small” parking area for council employees. Specifically, more than ten parking spaces will be preserved. In addition to the exterior, the project by Elecnor has made available a new space in the basement of the pavilion for scientific publishing where everything from workshops to exhibitions is conducted.

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This action is another step in restoring the entire Lope de Vega environment that the City Council has to do. The reorganization project of this entire district aims to expand pedestrian spaces, enable living areas and develop outdoor activities in coordination with all the institutions located in the district.

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