Announced the 1st Latin American Conference on Science, Technology and Society

At the time of signing, among other authorities, the Dean of UNSJ, Tadeo Berenguer; Vice-Chancellor Analia Ponce; Secretary of Academic Advising for this university, Laura Garcés; UNSJ Minister of Science and Technology, Eric Laciar; UCCuyo President, Claudio Larria, and Secretary of Research and Technological Connectivity for this house of studies, Luis Jimenez.

“Watch the new styles”

University President Tado Behringer reflects on the “essential synergy that has always existed between the two universities”. “There is no competition between them, it has always manifested itself in the context of our stories,” he commented. He then expressed, “This agreement deepens the procedures for launching the first Latin American Conference on Science, Technology and Society, something that aims to see the new approaches that we must address in these three issues after the pandemic. Our whole system has been affected and it is necessary to hold this meeting to find out what Universities do in these areas: the science and technology issues that our society requires. We’re going to show this in this Congress that’s already international because we already have representatives from Chile, Uruguay and Brazil. The entire Southern Cone of America will be represented here.”

“Go to search to give answers”

Meanwhile, UCCuyo President Claudio Larrea considered Congress “very important because it will deal with the direction in which research is going, between science and technology and society, and is moving towards research to provide answers to specific problems of society, so that between the state, society and educational institutions also can help Communities and their members to enjoy a better quality of life every day.It will also deal with environmental issues and everything that represents the social context in which an individual develops.There will be national and international exhibitors.

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source: UNSJ

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