The head of the Department of Medical Sciences has been sacked over allegations of obstructing academic evaluation.

Rector of Medical Sciences Campus (RCM), Ilka Rios Reyes, Today, Thursday, he resigned as president of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR). Lewis A. Ferrao, She was asked that after two medical school deans accused her yesterday of “obstructing” a student’s academic evaluation in favor of her staying on campus.

“In response to your surprise request for resignation, for these purposes, I place at your disposal my position as Rector on the property of Medical Sciences Campus”Rios Reyes said in a letter to Fera.

Rios Reyes, who was appointed chancellor in December last year, described in his resignation letter that the student is given priority because of the contract signed in February 2021. The second is Rodriguez Quilincini.

“This agreement provides some treatment to the said person and raises the circumstances related to this position of the institution recommending the envelope, which allows it to intervene at any time deemed necessary,” Rios Reyes said.

Ríos Reyes’ resignation request comes after he held meetings this morning with the president of the UPR, following allegations that he violated the medical school’s regulations in favor of a student at the request of his parents.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Medical schoolDoctor Hilton Franchiand Associate Dean for Student Affairs Dr. Jolex Antongiorji, They resigned from their positions of trust in the RCM yesterday, Wednesday, in the face of the Rector’s scandal.

Ferrao said yesterday, Thursday, that he was aware of the allegations since last Friday and that he had asked the Office of Central Administrative Legal Affairs to appoint an investigating officer to “preserve purity and transparency”. Investigation.

teachers submitted their resignation letter to the Interim Dean Medical school, Ivonne Z. Jiménez Velázquez, after understanding that Rector Ríos Reyes was in favor of a particular student, “completely executed” the institution’s regulations and ignored the university’s appeals process of adverse decisions.”.

Frankie emphasized that the School of Medicine’s policy manual establishes procedures for students to appeal an adverse decision, and that once that situation is identified, a monitoring committee is established. The professor pointed out that even a meritorious investigation in such cases was blocked by the rector’s order.

I have never seen a rector try to interrupt this process. I’ve never seen that before and it shouldn’t happen. In fact, even the Rector may not be aware of the cases occurring as they are part of a chain of appeals. So if we make an adverse decision against a student, that student has the ability to appeal to the rector, but the rector cannot have intervened in the case because the process is already tainted and flawed,” Frank explained.

Similarly, Antongiorji, who has been associate dean of student affairs since last year, explained that before sharing his resignation, they sent a letter to the interim dean outlining their concerns and all comments that could affect the approval of the closure. Before the advent of the Central States. Later, the document was shared with the UPR chief, he said.

We do this because we are always monitoring the processes so that they are carried out under due process of law. (…) I have been working hand in hand with Dr. de Franchi, and all decisions are open, clear and based on our principles. The moment we understand that there is a deviation, we find ourselves in this position because it is not fair to other students.Antongiorgi said.

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He pointed out that one of the points that accrediting agencies take into account is that the administration follows certain parameters on how to assess all students under the same principles and guidelines.

Meanwhile, from his position directing the School of Medicine’s admissions committee, he has vowed to ensure that the admissions process to the institution is not influenced by political interests or family connections in favor of students.

Appointments since his appointment

Ríos Reyes was named rector of the Medical Sciences Campus last December. His appointment took place in the midst of a meeting of the Executive Committee of the UPR. Wanda MaldonadoNominated by the then Interim Chairman of the UPR, Myra Olavarria Cruz.

Upon his arrival, he appointed officers who participated in his assessment to occupy the post. Lourdes Soto de Laurido and several members of the Medical Science Search and Evaluation Committee.

Rios Reyes’ decisions not only caused discomfort within the company. With the arrival of Ríos Reyes, the campus’ then Dean of Academic Affairs stepped down from his post. Deborah SilvaAn official who until earlier this year was in charge of processes for maintaining accreditation for the company Central State Commission for Higher Education. Silva made it clear in a message posted on social networks that he had resigned from his position, despite two sources of this newspaper indicating that he had been fired.

One of the media’s sources highlighted Silva’s expertise in accreditation issues, with representatives from the accrediting agency recognizing his knowledge in a recent virtual meeting with the medical school’s faculty.

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“(Silva) was the dean of academic affairs at the School of Medicine, where he did everything related to accreditation. Even Segundo (Rodríguez Quilichini, former rector of medical sciences) tried to do things, but she refused to do anything wrong. They took her out, but then Maldonado (The former interim chancellor) appointed his dean of academic affairs for the entire campus,” the informant explained.

To replace him in the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs, Rios Reyes appointed a retired dental school professor who, in the last meeting with Central States, questioned how the accreditation process would be carried out because he was unfamiliar with it.

Professors decried the effects of these types of academic irregularities on attendance. Central StatesScheduled for next month.

Journalist Kayla Lopez Alicia contributed to this story.

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