The governorate is progressing in establishing an international scientific hub

he The Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation in the governorate, through its Undersecretary for ScienceThis week, the League of Arab States received a delegation of municipal and university authorities from the Chinese province of Hubei, after signing a scientific cooperation agreement between the two provinces. In this context, the State of Buenos Aires is progressing in establishing an international scientific pole, through new agreements and an agenda that focuses on productive development, research, technology and innovation.

The cooperation agreement between Buenos Aires Province and the Scientific and Technological Exchange Center of Hubei Province of China aims to enhance the exchange of technological knowledge and encourage training in sectors such as electric mobility, new energies, nanotechnology, environment, land management, infrastructure (such as high-speed railways) and the energy sector, Including meetings between universities and companies.

During the visit, members of the delegation toured UniLiB, the first national plant for the technological development of lithium cells and batteries in Argentina and at the regional level. There they observed the operation of the plant with the aim of gaining knowledge that will contribute to improving production processes in the Wuhan East Lake High-Technology Development Zone (ELHTZ), specializing in optoelectronics, communications and equipment manufacturing.

The agenda also included meetings with government authorities in Buenos Aires. At the meetings, various proposals related to science and technology were presented and evaluated. In this sense, the province plans to obtain investments that will strengthen its scientific and technological system and strengthen the relationship between the two provinces.

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The conference was chaired by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Buenos Aires, Federico Aguero, along with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of International and Interjurisdictional Relations, Juan Manuel Badin. Also participating were the Chairman of the Scientific Research Commission (CIC), Roberto Salvarezza, and the General Directors of the Science and Technology Departments of Hubei, Wuhan, Shifan, Ezhou and Huangang; Feng Yanfei; Dong Danhong; Liu Jun; Yang, Wei Qi and Hu Hua, respectively.

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