Elizabeth Gutierrez and Gabriel Soto Raise the Temperature in 'Desperata America'!

when Wake up America declares that Elizabeth Gutierrez He is one of the guest presenters and the public appreciates it very much. But if that invitation includes another soap opera heartthrob like this one Gabriel SotoParty Guarantee.

This week they both hosted the show along with other anchors for a few days and gave viewers some golden moments. And very naughty!

As part of the morning's content, Donna Meche had to direct a soap opera scene, and it was clear that Eli and Gabrielle were going to star in it, with all those fancy guests.

Eli and Gabriel, sparks fly.

Wake up America

It's a romantic, emotional scene, one of those scenes that will take your breath away.

No kissing (millimeters missing), but there was plenty of chemistry, empathy and why not, sensuality. They are both great actors and know how to get into the role, giving the moment a very enjoyable comedy.

The viewer in charge was happy with what happened, so they asked the producers of the novel to choose the two as a pair for the next project. Also, the audience was especially excited to see Elizabeth in the role again and didn't hesitate to ask her to do it again to give them a good role.

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“I want this couple to act, Jodi”, “Two great artists together”, “We already want to see the beautiful Elizabeth in a soap opera”, “I want to see Elizabeth in a series”, “They can be good” protagonists of some projects,” just to name a few. Everything can be revealed!

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