The government canceled the summer season of the Cultural Sciences Center

Based on new government measures, it was decided to cancel the summer season of the Scientific Cultural Center (C3).Which led to the resignation of the Director of Museums, Exhibitions and Markets at the former Ministry of Science and Technology. Guadalupe Diaz Costanzo.

With the Transforming the ministry into a secretariat Under the supervision of Nicolas Bossi and coordination of Alejandro Cosentino, The new authorities announced a “significant reduction in spending.” In line with this procedure, It was decided to stop the training scholarship program at C3, Intended for public university students, who have previously trained in various subjects and then work as mentors for schools and the general public.

The problem is This is “incompatible with the core function of C3“It is receiving and guiding audiences through the different experiences that are offered,” explained the scientific publication in X Diego Golombek.

For this reason, its director, Guadalupe Díaz Costanzo, was forced to resign from her position.: He was unable to carry out his duties under these circumstances because “stopping the program reveals a completely different vision of the tasks and goals of this directorate.”

Located in Palermo, C3 was officially opened on November 6, 2015 by President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and is a “exhibition” of the work done by our country’s science and technology institutes.

On Saturday there will be a protest against the cancellation of C3 programming

We meet this Saturday from 2 to 6 pm in the Science Park, Located at 4950 Paraguay Street (and Godoy Cruz), where we will organize activities for all ages that are the theme of the C3 Museum rooms, as well as artistic interventions,” noted the space’s coordinator.

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“There are currently 60 co-pilots (traditionally called guides) and twelve coordinators, who are university students with scientific, technological and technical professions from the public national universities of Buenos Aires, Quilmes and Tres de Febrero, who We found the museum closed last Thursday, and until today we have no news.” Male to Telam Jade, a fourth-year student studying chemical sciences and anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, is part of the coordination area for these publishers.

Jade, who has been working at C3 for four years, said: “The idea is to maintain a dialogue with the new authorities, but while we will support in the way we can what we love and love to do which is demonstrating science, Reaching more people; for this reason, “We will take the museum's activities to the squares.”

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