How Aida rediscovered her love for her home by making good use of space

The bigger the challenge, the better. With this clear idea in mind, Carola, an IKEA interior designer, performed at Aida’s house. A cozy penthouse of 45 square metres, which, as she herself admits, was “love at first sight”.

A spacious balcony where you can enjoy the outdoors, a bedroom with a sloped ceiling… all with indisputable charm, so much so that it barely took Aida 20 minutes to decide to say “Yes, I want” and sign the purchase of her house.

But sometimes love can face unexpected obstacles, and for Aida, these difficulties when organizing her daily life prevented her from turning her new home into a real home to enjoy with her partner, Jorge. The main headache was finding the best way to organize the house to maximize the small space..

Therefore, to return to Aida the enthusiasm of the first day, Carola got the cooperation of the oldest Influencer And an expert on order and cleanliness in our country: Bego, La Ordenatrizthe first thing he thought when he saw the house was, “Ah… this is really a good challenge.”

With the goal of “improving the daily life of Aída and Jorge,” as Carola sums up, the IKEA interior designer started by taking measurements, thinking about decorations and spotting gaps to get the most efficient way to use the space.

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Carola saw it clearly: “What a powerful place,” she thought as she looked around Aida’s house with her expert eye. But power must be directed and that is why Carola, Pego and Aida moved there IKEAWhere they were waiting Hundreds of options to not only redesign the home, but to redistribute it more efficiently.

As a good graphic designer, Aida was clear about what she wanted in every corner of her home: Kitchen storage, convenience and space for clothes in the room and conversion The living room is in the main axis of the house. A room that should be a multifunctional space where all the activities of the couple can be carried out: exercise, remote work, socializing, space for video games…

Carola, like a true fairy godmother, set to work. During the visit to IKEA, furniture and storage solutions were sought that would allow the space to be optimized thanks to modularity and double heights.. “The idea is that your home is your space, your oasis,” says Carola, who enthusiastically works on this oasis project for Aída and jealously guards the end result so that the surprise is even greater.

The solution that even Bigo doesn’t know about, The Orderly, feels nervous knowing the end result: “I’m looking forward to seeing the end result and Aida’s face,” she admits. “I hope we make your life easier,” concludes this mother of seven children whose personal experience has made her Influencer. In visiting the store, stocking up, resting, and plants (Jorge, Aida’s partner, realizes his weakness for aromatic plants) and Do more with less were the main slogans.

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been achieved? If the face is the expression of the soul, then obviously yesBecause Aida’s face when she opened her eyes in front of her new home said it all. “I feel scared,” he admitted. A reaction that moved Carola, her hair standing up: “Aida is like that little sister who helps her achieve her dream.”

Dream or reality, this is the truth The potential but challenging space became the perfect home for Aida and Jorge. With good use of space, colors that convey that cozy feeling of “being at home” and good arrangement of furniture, IKEA was able to restore the owner’s love for their home.

“They took everything I told them, looked for solutions and went one step further,” sums up Aida, who has fallen in love with every corner of her home again thanks to the professional work advised by experts.

Being happy is easy sometimesIt is enough to allow yourself advice and allow a different vision. A new home for a new life, Aida’s dream and her love story begin now.

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