“The goalkeeper never gets to the ball”


In the 2nd minute of the match between RB Leipzig And Real Madrid 16 for the first leg round Champions League A goal was disallowed Benjamin Sesco That sparked controversy.

This unsportsmanlike performance by Leipzig against Real Madrid left Toni Kroos mad.

The referee explained HenriquesWhoever is offside, disturbs Lunin By pushing him from behind. “It's physical interference with the goalkeeper.” It ends in a The position is offside.

Recognized voices As former Spanish referees (Matthew Lahoz) And the Germans too (Thorsten Kinhofer) They did not accept the decision Like Van BogleIn charge of VOR room.

“It was a decision at the discretion of the referee, but for me the goal should have been counted as the player did not seriously intervene. It is also questionable that the referee did not look at it again,” he says. Kinhofer.

“It can't be. You can mess up as a player on the field, but VAR is for this kind of thing. “It's crazy,” he said. Moviestar Matthew Lahoz.

-Tony Cruise Reaction-

Controversial play after the game and Germany was consulted in a statement Prime Video GermanyHe left some words that Real Madrid fans didn't like.

Ancelotti talks about the disallowed goal against Leipzig in Real Madrid's Champions League win. Should the goal have counted?

“We talked a lot at half-time about what happened with Leipzig's goal in the second minute, it wasn't disallowed. It wasn't offside. There was a bit of a push on the goalkeeper. I don't know if you've seen it yet. I think it's not good for football. It's not a question of whether it's a goal in favor of Leipzig, it's I think that's a legitimate goal. How do you see that?” the German journalist asked Cruise.

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“I see it that way too. I think he was offside in the end because it was in his way, but the goalkeeper couldn't reach the ball and that's why the goal had to be awarded. “You can't argue otherwise,” declared the Real Madrid midfielder. Prime Video Germany.

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