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The union delegation informed the deputy Daniela Vilar about the tasks that are being developed within the framework of the program Los Sindicatos en tu Barrio

With a view to working politically in Lomas de Zamora in an articulated way and under the leadership of Mayor Martín Insaurralde with all the spaces that make up the Frente de Todos, the local regional Labor Confederation (CGT) met with the national deputy Daniel Vilar.

The meeting was attended by the secretary general of Sergio Oyhamburu, along with Silvia López (Viajantes), Ariel Fredes (SMATA) and José Arteaga (FATUN) who, together with the deputy of Camper origin, analyzed the situation in times of pandemic and the context of both Province and Nation and they agreed to try to “reach all the neighbors who require concrete solutions and aid to fight the unjust situation they have to go through,” the union headquarters reported in a statement.

In this sense, the union delegation informed the legislator about the tasks that are being developed within the framework of the Los Sindicatos en tu Barrio program, which they carry out in the six districts where the Lomas de Zamora Regional in the delivery of food, medicines, clothing, health posts and hygiene items to combat COVID-19 in addition to promoting the vaccination campaign.

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