Cs Valladolid urges to convert the old sugar factory into a multipurpose space

Ciudadanos Valladolid has presented a motion for its defense in the plenary session of the City Council with the aim of urging to convert the old sugar factory into a multipurpose space. “It is necessary to take advantage of the disused buildings to build a more coherent, compact and creative city project”, defends the Councilor for Citizens Pablo Vicente de Pedro, in a statement collected by Ical.
The liberal formation has claimed as necessary joint actions in some buildings that are part of the historical industrial heritage, such as the old Santa Victoria sugar factory. “The government team has neither ideas nor projects for municipally owned spaces and buildings in the city,” he explains.

“Opening a new door to disused buildings, respecting the essence of their architecture, and recovering their potential” is the objective of the initiative.

Likewise, Vicente de Pedro underlines the importance of preparing an updated, systematized and spaced inventory of real estate that is municipally owned, specifying the state of conservation, and once all the possibilities have been assessed, promoting public, private or mixed projects to help converting unique spaces into creative buildings, intended for people of different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. In short, “to promote a new focus of economic dynamization and diversification that contributes and improves the quality of life of the residents of that area and of the city as a whole”, he highlights.

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