The future of electronic music at Ultra: 7 artists you need to know

Ultra Music Festival serves as a platform for budding artistes to showcase their talents. (Ultra)

Ultra Music Festival Known for big names and great talent. So much so, that many of them go unnoticed, overshadowed by other visionaries or simply by their numbers. This year in particular more than 100 DJs and producers will be performing on the stages at Bayfront Park.

Here are some names you shouldn’t miss at this year’s festival.

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Italian DJ Anfisa Letyago will perform at the protest Megastructure on Saturday. (Anfisa Letiaco)

Artist Anfisa Letyago He is recognized for his eclectic and dynamic style in the techno genre. His music stands out for combining hard rhythms, atmospheric soundscapes and intricate melodies, creating an immersive and powerful experience for listeners. His ability to create high-energy sets that get the crowd moving has positioned him as one of the most in-demand artists on the EDM scene.

Where: Resistance megastructure

When: 25 Saturday at 3:30 pm

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Ilan Bluestone will bring his trance and progressive house mixes to Ultra’s global stage. (Ilan Bluestone)

With his ability to create stunning synths, soaring melodies and driving rhythms, it creates a powerful and uplifting experience. Ilan Bluestone It’s a performance you can’t miss on this version of the Ultra. Whether you’re a fan of trance or progressive house, this is a must-stop for anyone looking for an exciting musical experience.

Where: Global platform

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When: Friday the 24th at 6 p.m

Casablanca is a mysterious duo with catchy melodies and aggressive rhythms. (Casablanca)

The mysterious techno duo Casablanca Ready to bring his show of catchy melodies, aggressive rhythms and synths to Ultra’s audience. Both are known for live performances with a mix of their original songs and reinterpreted versions of classics.

Where: Live platform

When: 24th Friday at 6.30 pm.

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Italian duo Alessandro and Federico Fognini stand out for their unique sound. (vs. mind)

Mind vs It is sure to deliver a sensational performance that highlights your unique sound. Fans can expect a dynamic and mesmerizing set featuring all of his signature songs as well as new and previously unreleased songs that highlight the breadth and complexity of his musical approach.

Where: Resistance the cove

When: 25th Saturday at 7:30pm.

DJ duo Tale of Us is known for their emotional and melodic techno sound.

A story about us Made up of an Italian DJ and producer duo Matteo Milleri And Carmine Conte. They are known for their emotional and melodic techno sound, and have gained international recognition for their unique productions and live performances.

Where: Resistance megastructure

When: 26th Sunday at 6pm

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VNSA is based in Los Angeles and has immersed itself in the local electronic scene. (VNSA)

VNSSA Knows the ins and outs of how to cater to any house music loving audience. With infectious releases like “Cuss Off The Beat”, “Skin”. OM NOM And with his latest EP “Just What the World Needs”. Walker and Royce And Mindchatter has attracted the attention of thousands of fans around the world. With the support of labels like dirty bird And TechnologyThere are no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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Where: Resistance the cove

When: 26th Sunday at 5:30pm

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Blastoise are known for their hypnotic bass and melodies that have become their signature sound. (Blastoyz)

If you’re looking for hard-hitting psytrance, the Israeli artist Blastoise Should be on your list of favorite DJs. He has recently graced the stage at global events such as Dreamstate Poland And Groove Cruise.

Where: Global platform

When: Friday the 24th at 5 p.m

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