Rodner Figueroa and the “Award of Excellence” he received in the midst of his exit from Telemundo

Venezuelan anchor Rodner Figueroa stopped working at Telemundo last Thursday.

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Provider Rodner Figueroa Ceased to be part of Telemundo payroll Last Thursday, the same thing happened to some of the producers of ‘Al Rojo Vivo’. However, they will not be the only ones to leave the channel due to the other elimination of key figures occupying part of the content grid.

Venezuela undoubtedly has a valuable memory of a person who was with it. So, for Figueira, not sharing everything is inevitable His work has been recognized with an Emmy Award And, his mother posed with the award in it.

“The Last Picture is best for winning the first National Emmy for Outstanding Television Host in Spanish-language Media in the United States. That is my best award!“He wrote in a post posted on one of his networks.

Rodner Figueroa bids farewell to Telemundo

Yesterday was my last day at @telemundo and I take a world of fond memories with me.!!! You can find my reports on what happened on my Facebook page!!! I’ll leave a link or a link in my story!!! I invite you to go check it out to hear my version!!! Thanks!!! #Rodnerfigueroa #Telemundo #Telemundo”, were the parting words that accompanied the post.

In turn, the comments on the post shared on Instagram did not wait and many took a few seconds to wish him well on his new path away from the Telemundo screens.

“I love you and I respect you so much Rod!!”, “Dear @rodnerfigueroa, the world is big and there is so much more for you. Keep up the good work”, “We love you so much, you will always take on new and better endeavors with success”, “Ready for new exciting adventures”, “I adore you, success goes with you wherever you go”, “Greater things are coming!!! I send you a kiss and all the best for what’s to come”, “There’s a wonderful world out there waiting for you”, “It’s been a real honor to work with you” and some expressions recorded.Mail.

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