The former mayor of Acudilla said the rain in the mayor’s office was purchased with private funds

The former mayor of Aguadilla, Yanitsia Irisari, falsely called the current mayor Julio Roldan’s revelations that he promised the municipality would pay for the luxuries purchased by his ancestors, the administrator of a private gym equipment up to a shower.

“I regret the new mayor ‘s ignorance of municipal assets and facilities. The bathtub / bathroom installed in the mayor’s bathroom is not municipal property. It was purchased with private funds from this server. It was not invested. Not even a penny of municipal funds,” Irisari said in a written statement.

In an interview with the Notiono 630, Roldan explained, “On the third floor of the mayor’s link there are $ 65,000 in weight lifting equipment, a private gym owned by the former mayor. Pure luxuries created by the former mayor … a lot of money is wasted “.

Regarding the gym of former mayor Carlos Mendes, Irisari promised, “This is a small benefit to all employees of the municipality of Aguadilla and a regulated facility for the absence of the former mayor. It is more than 4 years for municipal employees to remove benefits established at the discretion of the new mayor.”

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