Three possible sentences; Ramos Rizzo analyzes the controversy of the finals

Former referee and ESPN analyst Felipe Ramos Rizzo has assured that it was not a penalty in Argentina’s favor in the Qatar 2022 World Cup final against France.

Qatar — Felipe Ramos RizoFormer Arbitrator and Analyst ESPNIn support he assured that it was not a crime Argentina In the end World Cup Qatar 2022 In view FranceThe same thing that gave the South Americans an advantage.

Through his Twitter account, the former World Cup player shared his stance on the absence Angel de Maria Obtained in French territory.

“It’s not a crime, please. 21 minutes in favor of Argentina”, he said in the first instance. In addition, he blamed VAR, where the Mexican Fernando Guerrero acts as a support VAR. “VAR that does not work”, Ramos Rizzo indicated himself in the social network.

In the 21st minute of the match, Say Mary He linked up with Ousmane Dembelé in the French side, after ‘Fidio’ won the French winger’s position after a series of failures in the big area.

The Argentine felt Dembele put his hand behind his back and fell to the grass of Lucille Stadium. Immediately, the Polish referee, Simon MarciniakHe did not hesitate to allow the maximum sentence in favor of the South Americans.

Although VAR reviewed the play as per the rules, they did not ask Marciniak to go to the monitor to review the play and the shot was upheld from eleven steps.

then, Lionel Messi He won the World Cup final against Hugo Lloris, after the 2014 final against Germany in Brazil, he was unable to be on the scoreboard as the two teams were goalless in regulation time and the Teutens scored in extra time through Mario Gotze.

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Converted after penalty MessiRamos Rizzo himself continued his criticism of the referee, deeming Cristian Romero deserved a yellow card after repeated fouls, and a clash between Messi and Theo Hernandez that led to Argentina’s foul. Because they marked it against the French.

In the same way, the same Ramos Rizo He continued that the penalty they scored in France’s favor was “harsh”, a foul on Kolo Mwani in the Argentina area by Nicolas Otamendi.

“Penalty too harsh in favor of France. Mbappé scores two for one,” Ramos Rizzo wrote on his Twitter account.

Kylian Mbappe converted to bring the goals close on the scoreboard after the whistle pole scored the maximum penalty. His shot went to the right of Emiliano Martinez, who deflected the ball but not enough to save it.

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