The former man of KP Spaniard cheated on her

Actress KP Spaniard has made a controversial confession on a reality show Famous house, On A former homosexual caught up with her “friend” at home.

After Spanish had been with his partner for about eight months, he did not say his name, he went to register and came home earlier than usual without warning. In it he learned the whole truth.

It’s like a soap opera scene, he said There was music when they arrived and they did not hear her enter.

“I saw them kissing. I was shocked. It just struck me to tell them: you have five minutes to do what you have to do,” he said.

Drama of KP Spaniard

Although he tried to talk to her, the actress said She refused because it hurt her so much.

Also, who is KP Spanish Never seen a gay gesture, It made me doubt what was going on.

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Alicia Machado also caused a great reception

Alicia Machado, on the same reality show, He told actor George Aravena Your worst sexual experience, With Venezuelan presenter Winston Vallenila.

Although he did not mention it, They quickly incorporated it into the full description.

“He treated me like a queen, or I didn’t think I was SavistaHe was an actor and presenter of Radio Caracas, of excellent quality, his father handsome; Very cool (…) but hey, he’s crazy … I started going out with him, he was looking for me on the bike, he sent me flowers, the guy covered everything, “he said.

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He immediately revealed it He decided to end his quick love affair with the host for an unexpected reason.

“We were going to a party one night, I was a little girl, I had less of a tiger at the time … we were at our house. I had to go to the bathroom, he was the only one who ever happened to me.

Winston’s answer

Valenilla mocked in principle the mess Machado had with Korea and China a few years ago. And behind He promised that he would be happy with his natural gifts.

“The first thing I did was fix the washing machine I use a lot, there was no clothes or clothes to wash. Secondly I was happy with my clothes and I washed them for 3 months.”, He wrote through his account Twitter.

Screenshot: Tweet Winston Vallenilla

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