The first smoke-free space in Logroño will be in Parque del Ebro

Logroño City Council and the Spanish Cancer Society have signed a cooperation agreement to promote the “Smoke-Free Spaces” project with the aim of reducing the effects of smoking. The first of these spaces will be the Ebro Park, and the AECC will provide resources and tools aimed at identifying the selected spaces as “smoke-free spaces”.

The Mayor of Logroño, Conrado Escobar, and the President of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), Ramon Reyes, held a working meeting this morning, in which the Family, Social Services and Disability Policy Advisor, Patricia Saenz, and the President participated. From the Spanish Cancer Society of La Rioja, Elena Eguizabal.

The “Smoke-Free Places” initiative seeks to contribute to reducing the effects of smoking on the health of the population by expanding the places where smoking is not permitted, especially those frequented by minors.

Training measures, smoking prevention dissemination, and smoking cessation resources will be provided in a coordinated manner. Preventive measures will be designed and planned aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle habits and ensuring that the people of Logroño, especially the younger ones, acquire healthy behaviors that they can naturally incorporate into their daily lives, leading to the denormalization of tobacco consumption in society as well as concern from the environment. In order to comply with these procedures, a mixed monitoring committee has been established that will program and evaluate the various initiatives.

“We must continue to work and allocate all the necessary resources to combat tobacco consumption and its terrible effects on the health of our population,” said the Mayor of Logroño, praising “the work of information, awareness, prevention and research.” Which is carried out by the Spanish Cancer Society to promote healthy habits that protect against this disease.

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Thus, he pointed out that tobacco is the reason behind a large number of deaths and diseases in our society, and called for “continuing to expand tobacco-free spaces in our cities, especially those outdoors shared by all Logroño residents such as public parks and recreational areas.”

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on May 31, and Logroño City Council is committed to intensifying awareness activities around this day. Therefore, an event is scheduled for May 31 in which awards will be given to the “Smokeless Category” and “Smokeless Families” programmes, promoted by the City Council in collaboration with AECC.

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