Felipe Ramos Rizzo believes Luis Malacón should have been sent off

The ESPN analyst believes the American goalkeeper should be sent off after his foul on Antuna in the first leg final.

Mexico — Felipe Ramos RizoReferee Inspector ESPNConsidered a goalkeeper America, Luis MalaconHad to be sent off in the first minutes of the first leg of the final 2024 ends In view Blue Cross.

The former Mexican whistler expressed his opinion on his account XFormerly known as Twitter. That Luis Malacon He should have received a red card and left the feathered group with 10 elements. All this was due to Jonathan dos Santos' late pass, which 'forced' the goalkeeper into a foul in the area, which was sanctioned with the maximum penalty. Uriel Antona To give temporary advantage Blue Cross.

In the first instance, Rizzo Ramos He commented that it was a defect he did not have Uriel Antona It was “Penalty, minimum yellow Malacon” and later explained: “It seems to me that this is a wrong move. It comes with studs above the ankles. Antona. No chance to play ball. “It goes directly to the foot, above the ankle and is a very clear discharge.”

Felipe Ramos Rizo He pointed to the action of the goalkeeper Luis Malacon In the finals Liga MX Because that player deserves more than a simple yellow card America He looked directly at his celestial rival's ankles.

“Not in this case, it applies when it is a clear scoring opportunity. In this case the action is directly meritorious. There is no obvious opportunity. “It is the severity of the foul, the use of excessive force and he goes after the player, not the ball,” he noted. Felipe Ramos Rizo About that controversial play in the first leg final 2024 endsin between Blue Cross And America.

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After the target Uriel Antona That opened the scoring at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium Julian Quinones To balance the cards in the same first area

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