The first meeting between Joe Biden and China is over: both parties recognize a “tough” but “constructive” dialogue

He will hold talks with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and President Yang Jiechi of China’s Foreign Office, Yang Jiechi, and Chinese State Councilor and Minister of State Wang Yi on March 18, 2021, at the Captain Cook Hotel in Alaska, Washington. Frederick J. Via Brown / Pool REUTERS

The first formal talks between the government of US President Joe Biden and the Chinese regime “Hard” but “creative”, The two sides said on Friday amid growing tensions between the two world powers.

The dialogue was “direct, constructive and effective, although there are important differences between the two parties”, Yang Jiechi, a senior official of the Chinese Communist Party for Diplomacy, said.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi believes that each party respects the interests and concerns of others Dialogue between the two countries “always open”, Said the Chinese company Xinhua.

But Wang said he had “made it clear to the US side that sovereignty and regional integrity are important questions of policy.”

Wang said Washington “should not underestimate the national will and the willingness of the Chinese people to defend their legitimate rights and interests.” Xinhua

For their part, senior U.S. officials said they were negotiating “Hard and straight”, But some were discovered The interests of rival powers are intertwined.

File image.  US and Chinese flags fly out of an American corporate building in Beijing on January 21, 2021 (REUTERS / Tingshu Wang)
File image. US and Chinese flags fly out of an American corporate building in Beijing on January 21, 2021 (REUTERS / Tingshu Wang)

The summit began Thursday and ended this Friday in Alaska’s Anchorage, after representatives from Washington and Beijing criticized each other for actions that could undermine world criticism. The first meeting between the two countries’ representatives since US President Joe Biden came to power on January 20.

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After the Thursday and Friday morning sessions, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke openly about the United States. Beijing’s approach to Hong Kong and Taiwan and concerns about its activities in cyberspace. The Chinese side was on the defensive as expected, he said.

“But we were able to have a very honest conversation over these several hours about the expanding schedule,” Blingen said. On Iran, on North Korea, on Afghanistan, on climate, our interests are being cut. “, Indian. The meetings were set up as an exchange of views and no agreements or contracts were expected.

“We expect serious, direct dialogue on a wide range of topics, and that’s what we had,” said Jack Sullivan, the White House’s national security adviser. “Things are clear to us when we leave and we will return to Washington., he said. “We will continue to consult with allies and partners on the way forward,” Sullivan said.

Relations between China and the United States deteriorated greatly during former President Donald Trump’s (2017-2021) clashes on planes such as trade, diplomacy or technology, and although Biden promised another approach, his government does not appear to be in a position to end its conflicts with Beijing altogether.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (Frederick J. Brown / REUTERS)
US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (Frederick J. Brown / REUTERS)

The two powers are increasingly at odds over various issues. From geopolitical rivalries in the West Pacific, Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean, to trade relations and managing the Govt-19 eruption, China reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) in December 2019.

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Washington has been particularly critical of China’s growing political control of Hong Kong, its threats against Taiwan and the mistreatment of large Uyghur minorities, which US officials call a policy of “genocide.”

“Cold War Mood”

The talks began on Thursday with attacks from both sides for human rights and geopolitics.

Blingen accused China of carrying out those actions “Threaten the rule of law that maintains global stability”, Statements that Biden backed this Friday saying he was “proud” of his secretary of state.

Yang responded to Blinken’s “compliant” language, accusing Rostrum of showing a power.

Communist Party of China (CPC) leader Yang Jiechi (EFE / EPA / Andrea Verdelli / Archive)
Communist Party of China (CPC) leader Yang Jiechi (EFE / EPA / Andrea Verdelli / Archive)

“When I entered this room, I should have reminded the American side to focus on their tone in our initial comments, but I did not.” According to the American translation of his Chinese text, Yang said.

Sullivan said the United States did not want conflict, but welcomed “tough competition.”

Yang asked him to “drop the Cold War mentality” and Beijing said “no conflict, no conflict”.

The Chinese side rejected the majority of its discussions with “nearly a hundred colleagues” around the world, praising the global role of the United States and “deeply concerned” about Beijing’s behavior.

“We have had conflicts in the past between our two countries and as a result have not served the United States,” he saidYang scolded.

Beijing accused Washington of an aggressive and diplomatic approach when receiving guests in Alaska.

“When the Chinese team arrived in Anchorage, their hearts were chilled by the bitter cold, as well as the welcome of their American guest.” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legion said on Friday.

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With information from AFP and EFE

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