The final report of the 2021 elections will be released by the DSE this Friday.

TSE released the official results 4 days after postponing the conclusion of the final study for claims for new ideas.

The Supreme Court this Friday presented the final report on the results of the 2021 elections, in which representatives were elected to the Parlesen, Legislature and Municipal Councils for the period 2021-2024.

“Thanks to technology we can make sure that we are able to deliver timely and accurate results. Its course has not changed with regard to the election results obtained in the final referendum,” said TSE President Dora Esmeralda Martinez de Barhona.

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In addition, it was informed that the final count and final notification order will be issued as ordered by the Election Code.

It went according to the electoral authority Distribution of mayors Achieved by parties: Arena 34 mayors; FMLN 30; Success 27; PCN 14; PTC3; Let’s go 1; New suggestions116.

Coalition gains include: New Ideas — CD 23 Mayors; Arena-PCN1; New Ideas-Successes 9; New Ideas-CD-Wins 1; New Ideas-PCN 1. New Ideas-PCN-Successes2.

When, distribution Of the Central American Parliament By the political party as follows: New Ideas-CD14 Representatives; Arena 3; FMLN1; Success 1; PCN1; PTC0.

The The legislature was Formed as follows: New suggestions 55 delegates; Arena 14; PCN 2; Let’s go 1; Success 6; PTC1; FMLN4; Our time1.

The announcement was halted due to claims by the New Ideas Party, which pointed to an election agency that allegedly took away 83 councilors in distribution for municipal councils.

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Chief Justice Dora Martinez pointed out at the time that New Ideas had called for a review of the allocation of seats in municipal councils and that this demand should be addressed.

Martinez referred to Section 219 of the Electoral Code, which establishes the rules for explaining how councilors are appointed to the Council, which will be amended accordingly.

“We get to know them about some of the cases they (new ideas) are raising, of which, we are going to meet this afternoon, proceed and decide what resolution we will be releasing,” Magistrate Noel Orellana said Tuesday.

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The NI’s claim was made by the manner in which the number of councilors in each municipal council is distributed in accordance with the provisions of Section 219 of the Electoral Code (CE).

In this regard, election expert Ruth Eleonora Lopez said in an interview with TVX that “this change of nature will require a reform approved by the legislature,” although although the DSE has the highest authority in electoral matters, it does not apply to changing the law.

Section 272 of the CE, on the other hand, appeals to the DSE to rescind the final vote count. Establishes that it can be filed in court by political parties within three days of being announced or published on the website.

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