The Fiesta del Chamamé will have an Lgbt stage in Espacio Mariño

The official organization of the 31st National Festival of Chamamé, 17th Festival of Chamamé of Mercosur and 1st World Celebration announced an alternative scenario to the greater celebration that will be held in Espacio Mariño (Santa Fe 847). It is the festival “Che amoá meme” (Dancing under the bower), with free access on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 January.

The president of the Corrientes Institute of Culture, Gabriel Romero, received yesterday the representatives of the Espacio Mariño patio: its president José Acevedo and the technician in cultural management and development, María Inés Silvero, with whom he discussed this new proposal that will be part of of the multiple activities to take place from January 14 to 23.

“Che amoá meme” is a festival that seeks to bring the chamamé closer to diversity and dissent through different artistic expressions. “We understand that the chamamé is part of our identity, of our being from Corrientes, but that we also change as a society, and we aim that the chamamé can accompany these changes. We want to see more women on stage, more diversity, that the Lgbt collective have a space to sing chamamé. This festival has that imprint, to give it a different side to what we are used to hearing in the traditional chamamé ”, they explained.

“This festival motivates the chamamé to accompany these new movements, this diversity and dissidence, these women who were part of our musical history. We want our music to reach other spaces and what better than the Espacio Mariño stage to begin this path of inclusion in the chamamé ”, they highlighted.

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Artists grid

The program published yesterday includes performances by the Ensemble de Mujeres group, the Avarekó group, the drag queen singer Chavela “La Fuegah” and Demir Hanna. The winner of the contest “My first chamamé”, Nacho Acevedo, Sebastián Ibarra, the trio from Corrientes Tajy and the storyteller Silvia Pozo will also be on the main stage of Espacio Mariño.

From Espacio Mariño they pointed out that the “Che amoá meme” Festival seeks to give a different imprint to the music that makes up our culture. “The chamamé is the result of love, of the fusion of two cultures, which amalgamated in time will tell the story of man and woman and their landscape, projecting beyond their borders”, they indicated.

Invasion of art

In addition to the main stage, Mayra Pfleger and Daniela Szelect will be in the fish tank “El vivero” with the exhibition “Invasion of art”. It is a project of the Josefina Contte Institute.

Within the framework of the 2022 festival, “Invasion of Art” proposes the exhibition of divergent works of art by emerging local artists, who share the aforementioned theme.

Audiovisual room

The audiovisual producer from Corrientes Facundo Yunes, who directed and coordinated local short films, will screen the documentaries “Historia de un sembrador” and “El Karáu”. The official presentation of the trailer for the new documentary “Chamamecero” will also take place.


The Espacio Mariño will be intervened by an urban art project called “Vandal sentimental”, by the duo Yurú Chupita. Vandal, in general, is directly related to the destruction of public property, but for them it is more of a linear construction about nostalgia, feeling and memories. Yurú Chupita combines techniques (posters, paste up and murals) using the walls of the public space and reused paper as support. Through their interventions they seek to enrich the visual language and through a resignification of the elements of our culture, transmit the coastal environment (fauna, flora and mythology) from a contemporary point of view to project it and make it prevail over time.

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