Humans could live on the dwarf planet Ceres

People could go on living planet dwarf Ceres, the physicist and astrobiologist Pekka Janhunen is convinced.

Humans are unlikely to settle outside of our solar system in the near future.

But it is possible to go live to a celestial body within the system.

Pekka Janhunen from the Finnish Meteorological Institute believes the planet is a dwarf Ceres it could accommodate people in a few years.

Located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, Ceres is known as the largest asteroid in our solar system (952 kilometers in diameter) and as the only dwarf planet closer to the Sun than Neptune.

Janhunen is convinced that, relatively soon, humans will be able to settle on Ceres with the help of artificial gravity. The essential element of this draft it is a mega-satellite located in the orbit of the dwarf planet.

According to recent studies, Ceres has a large amount of water below its surface. This could be an advantage for colonization.

The expert points out that solar panels could be placed on the planet’s surface. They would bring a space elevator to the satellite.

Janhunen appreciates that this device is not very expensive and is readily available. Because Ceres has a low surface gravity and a fairly high rotational speed.

The expert proposes that the dwarf planet be divided into urban and rural areas, in depth. On the surface, soil between 1.5 and 4 meters thick should be brought. It could allow the planting of trees and other forms of vegetation.

Due to the distance between Ceres and the Sun, the mirrors could be used to direct light to the natural habitat of the dwarf planet.

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These would allow the cultivation of the land, the lighting of Ceres and the production of solar energy.

The mirrors, attached to the disk-shaped satellite, would allow the capture of solar energy.

The Finnish scientist estimates that life on Ceres could be even better than on Earth.

Obviously, for now it’s just speculation. Pekka Janhunen acknowledges that, for now, artificial gravity remains an unrealized goal.

Also, the creation of an artificial satellite and huge mirrors. However, he states that “the level of difficulty of this project is probably similar to that of the colonization of Mars.”

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