The Federal National Program RAICES extended its invitation

The National 2023 Federal RAICES Issuance Program, through the National Directorate for Development and Technological Innovation of the Sub-Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, announces the extension of the 2023 call. Until next Monday, August 14, researchers, research groups, municipal and regional governments, science and technology organizations, and companies that have an R&D project to develop (or are in development) may apply.

On this occasion, science and technology institutions that are part of CICyT and science and technology authorities can participate, with the consent of their governments, within the framework of the presentation of project ideas. It is preferable to link the proposal to an ongoing institutional project within the Ministry’s invitations.

The call also includes researchers repatriated by the RAICES program and researchers residing in the country who are not part of project ideas proposed by municipal and regional governments or CICYT institutions, endorsing some examples from science and technology in the respective jurisdiction. In the case of researchers residing in the country, they must be affiliated with an institute that includes at least 15 trained researchers, and priority will be given to centers that have fewer than this number of trained researchers in areas of impact.

This edition will focus on receiving:

  • Ideas – projects to cover scientific and technological human capacity needs, submitted by government institutions or scientific and technological organizations in provinces and/or municipalities associated with an existing project. Proposals must be signed by the highest authority of the body submitting the project in Form A;

  • Resettlement interest requests from researchers and technologists from the Inter-Institutional Council for Science and Technology (CICyT), who are resident in the country. Proposals must be signed by the higher authorities at the researcher’s workplace, using Form B.

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The RAICES Federal National Program aims to promote and fairly distribute the scientific and technological capabilities of the system in the national territory, giving priority to those areas where a lower degree of relative development is identified in the subject, while clarifying the needs and priorities determined by the provincial governments and municipalities with the resources and capabilities of universities and various science and technology institutions that Belonging to the national and regional scale, managing scientific and technological capabilities in areas related to social, cultural, economic, productive and environmental development processes, through various strategies such as training technicians and researchers, transferring researchers and unified teams.

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