The fact that Iker Casillas and Sarah Carbonero are separate confirms the magazine

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In recent years Iker Casillas and Sarah Carbonero Then passed rigorous health tests Former archer heart attack And this Her ovarian cancer, But a few weeks ago this last surgical intervention of Sarah revealed more details about the confirmed separation, which was announced Magazine “Readings” As a scoop.

The press then promises Last surgical intervention From Sarah in Madrid a week ago, Iker attended, But at the end of the day everyone took different directions, the last time they were together was a month ago after a medical discharge they decided to go to eat at a restaurant and then everyone rested in different cars, from there Iker does not live in the family, Confirms the rumors months ago.

Icarus and Sarah had been separated for some time, But that did not stop the exporter from knowing about the mother of his children.

Little by little Sarah returned to normal

After leaving Porto after living for five years, the family returned to Madrid, but each resumed his life in different ways, because he was very surprised. He resumed his journalistic career, He returned to Radio Marga, where he began his career.

Healthy separation

After heart attack and ovarian cancer in 2019, the couple became very close, and although their lives began to take different directions, when they were finally admitted to the press hospital, they would always support each other, whether they were one or not.

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