The Espacio Séneca hosts the exhibition “The Beautiful People” by Laura Meseguer of 24

Espacio Séneca presents the exhibition of expert printmaker, Laura Meseguer, who landed in Alicante for the first time with a very personal project, under the motto “The Beatiful People”. The opening will be on April 24 with a visit and discussion with Laura Meseguer and Eider Corral and the presence of students from the Alicante School of Art and Design -EASDA-.

The Graphic Designer and Fonts Fair can be visited through May 14, making part of its schedule coincide with the book fair at the same location. The coexistence of these two projects in the theater from May 5 to May 14 is not accidental, because “The Beautiful People ”, is a project that, in addition to its intrinsic value, provides sensitive and primal content. In the production and marketing of the publishing sector, both proposals therefore coexist with exceptional results.


The exhibition “The Beautiful People” has three different parts and consists of an analysis of the typographical work of Laura Messegger in which she and curator Eder Koral emphasize their relational nature, as their practice arises from interaction and synergy between disciplines and between people. . The exhibition is the result of this joint thinking.


Eder Koral presents the exhibition in a futuristic study where the pieces on display respond to different themes and relate to other graphic design practices: composition, education, workshop, gender perspective, vernacular typography, expressiveness and its ability to bridge cultures. Laura’s practice on typography is almost complete and this exhibition aims to show it.

Font design, lettering and typography

The first part of the exhibition is a journey from calligraphy to writing and typography that illustrates the relationship between the disciplines, starting with the presentation of Laura’s calligraphy in action; Five typefaces (Rumba, Magasin, Lalola, Malti and Ella) and some more Words in different styles of letters.

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The showcases show Girard Sansusie, some lettering work in use, a “Personal” letrazine, Rumba drawings and the book “How to create Font” in two versions (the first in Spanish and the latest in Chinese).

The social role of typographic design

Part two highlights The social role of typographic design The Kandus project is shown in different parts: Description, a visual sample of the weights of the typographical family and the relationship between the texts, a mural illustrating the three writing systems (Latin, Arabic-Maghreq, and Tifinagh), a display where the letter is derived from the use of Qandous and finally some of the films of Jean de Bruin.

Sisters wall

Finally, a mural in the form of an explosion of words that proves the importance of women not only in design, but also In the community where the Sisters family of lines is shown.

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