These are the mobile applications that Cubans use the most

The use of technology, the Internet and mobile applications is widespread on the island. Hence, state media is investigating these apps, which are consumed by young Cubans on a daily basis and are the people who spend the most time connected to the network of networks. What surprise?

According to a report by the government website Cubadebate, in a survey of official bodies, in which more than a thousand Cubans participated, the most used and consumed applications are: WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. This is the top 5 of many.

Do you agree or are you one of those who use Facebook more than the rest? The truth is, the Meta is becoming a more 30+-friendly space, with younger people looking more to Instagram to share photos and videos, even though they continue to use Facebook to be intimate with older friends or family members.

in this studio open That although TikTok is banned in the island, some young people are using it with a VPN. What do they use these favorites for? Cubans have WhatsApp as their preferred messaging app, although many also do so through Telegram. In the latter, the content of the class is shared by many teachers and kept in mind by the students. Instagram takes a lot, but it is necessary for “status”.

“I enjoy myself so much I hardly ever get out of it. There is so much diverse information, from artists and public figures. Also the reels are very interesting because they put a funny post on you as well as an important topic that people need to see,” one Cuban tweeted on Instagram.

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Most used mobile app in Cuba 2023

In addition to these world-famous apps, according to Cubadebate, Cubans also consume toDus, the Cuban messaging app, Duolingo, for learning languages, Transfermóvil and Apklis.

“I spoke with some people and they told me that Telegram is an app for viewing batches of sales. They don’t know what they’re missing,” said another Cuban.

Cuba made the leap to the network of networks in a less limited way, namely the Internet through mobile data, only in 2018. A year later, it put 4G into customer service, and from there it hasn’t progressed very far.

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