The entire team was eliminated from the provincial series

He Cuban baseball He goes through a period where he faces catastrophic events that haunt him every day. Athletes see how their dreams must be forced to pause.

On Monday, October 16, our site reviewed a major blunder in the provincial series City of HavanaOn October 10th the ninth of the municipality lost its undefeated due to a cause beyond its control.

The baseball players couldn’t make the deadline associated with that game date because the transportation that was supposed to take them never did. A big fail indeed.

But, just when it seemed like enough, this October 19 is another one Bad news A sport of national interest in the island took center stage.

Another failure in Cuban baseball

Precisely the Provincial series The city of Havana was once again in the spotlight. This time the provincial baseball commission “deleted” a team from the event by severely sanctioning them for not completing the last two challenges they had planned.

capital journalist Boris Luis Cabrera He placed a magnifying glass on the new bureaucratic coup that emerged from this situation:

“As reported in a circular by the Provincial Baseball Commission of Havana a few minutes ago, the Kotoro team has not shown up for the last two games it was scheduled to play in the 63rd Provincial Series.”captured Cabrera.

Boris Lewis indicated in his post that he was accessing statements from sidelined players. The athletes told the media representative Havana Tribune Twice they waited in vain for the bus but it never came to pick them up.

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He Cuban baseball He experienced another episode of sadness, surrounded by routine and hopelessness. Who is responsible for managing transport for transfer of athletes?

You, dear reader, have the last word.

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