“The Devil” Catches Roaming the Earth: Where Did It Happen?

On April 21, the “Devil” will be so close to the Sun that it will be visible even in Honduras.

Comet “Diablo”, scientifically named 12P/Pons Brooks, has already been captured orbiting the Sun almost as close to our planet Earth.

It is worth noting that “Diablo” is an interstellar comet made of rock and ice currently orbiting the solar system.

This comet “Diablo” is approximately 34 kilometers in diameter and takes 71 years to orbit the Sun, and will be visible again in 2095.

Due to its proximity to Earth, comet “Diablo” has been captured in photographs by lovers of science and astronomical phenomena.

In Mexico, Internet users have posted several photos of its visibility, which is already turning the Internet upside down due to the impressive brightness of comet “Diablo” on its tail.

Roberto Shangarth Carrias, National Director of the Department of Scientific Research and Astronomy of the Western International School, told LA PRENSA that this April 21, 2024, Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks in Honduras will remain unpolluted forever.

According to the astronomer, this comet “Diablo” was already observed by the Chinese in 1385 and 1437; Also, in 1884.

2024/04/1415:11H. / Josué Cárcamo

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