How do they know if they have removed or blocked it from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, the most widely used instant messaging network in Latin America, with 5.6 billion downloads since its launch in 2014 has supported this report. However, for many users it is not clear how someone knows if someone has blocked or removed you from the contact list. Learn below how to do it.

To get started, you need to have a cell phone number to chat on WhatsApp. This is not a two way rule, someone may have registered you, but you can not, and they may receive your message.

How do you know if they have removed or blocked it?

Check out the following announcements to see if anyone is blocking you:

1. If you enter into a chat with contacts you suspect have deleted or blocked, it may be a warning if you do not see their profile picture. However, this is not safe. Many users do not enter the photo for security reasons.

2. If your WhatsApp status does not appear, for a while, you can not see them as much as you want. It can be blocked or deleted and the person has settings so that only their contacts can review their status.

3. You can no longer see the “last time” or “online” status of the contact in the chat window. It may be a sign; But remember that everyone deletes it or leaves it to their own devices.

4. You will not see updates for the profile photo of the contacts.

5. All messages sent to the person who blocked it are single
Pigeon, pimp or tick, you like to call it. In that case, the second pigeon that confirms the receipt will never come out. This will indicate that you are blocked. If you have been removed from the contact list, a double pimp will still appear indicating the message sent.

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6. If you are blocked, you can not add that contact to any group.


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