The Daughters of Charity leave El Rincón de San Lázaro, Cuba

Editorial by CubitaNOW ~ October 10, 2023 Tuesday

“Unfortunate news. “Daughters of Charity will stop working in El Rincón de San Lázaro, Cuba,” Yanquiel Fernandez, founder of the Aliento de Vida aid group, said Tuesday.

“It is very sad to know that the nuns who have spent more than 100 years of dedication and effective and genuine work at the El Rincón Leprosy Home are serving so many sick people,” he added.

This information was published this Saturday in the Facebook group Revista Cacahual Online.

“The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul have been serving the poor in Cuba since 1854 and with Hansen’s patients (leprosy) in El Rincón since 1917.”

“On Sunday they will leave the house they have worked for so many years. As they told me, the reason they were forced to leave this house was that there were not enough sisters; Some religious vocations,” said Adel Faia Montano. May the Lord bless you and be with you in your new home.

According to Faia, the nuns will “visit different homes of the Daughters of the St. Vincent de Paul Foundation: Santa Susana Nursing Home (Pejucal), Casa la Inmaculada on San Lázaro Street, Centro Habana.”

He added that the sick in El Rincón would be “taken care of by four sisters from the Congregation of Martha and Mary, a religious order founded in Guatemala on January 6, 1979,” when asked by several Cubans.

“The tireless work of the nuns in the hospital has always contributed to the development and support of the sick, helping the sick. Today leprosy is not the terrible disease it once was. The so-called Hansen’s disease is caused by a bacillus, along with countless other bad factors, which is combated with antibiotics, although it is scary for everyone. has made it look more benign,” said Hugo Marrero.

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“As Adele, who has always worked in the hospital, pointed out, there is a serious problem in the profession today. Women today have little desire to dedicate their lives to such sacred work. You should not demand that they do so. It is a very personal matter and decision for each person. The truth is that the contribution of the sick is much needed. And it has an impact on care. Although there is supposed to be a shortage of nurses, it is not mentioned as such. In my opinion, there were obviously too many people who stayed there. They would continue to work wherever they went.

“How sad, all these years of work and caring for each patient day in and day out. I remember many of them very fondly because I have family in that town and have worked with them for as long as I can remember. “Everything that is happening in our country is very unfortunate,” said Maria Victoria Garcia.

“Very sad news for those who have always given so much love, care and affection. Many thanks to those sisters. God bless you”; “My God, what a shame, so many patients are needed, but I think they have fulfilled their duty” and “We wish them only good luck and can thank them eternally,” Cubans told The Daughters of Charity.

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