The daughter of Ninel Conte and Ari Delch reappears on social media and falls in love with her beauty

The Daughter of Ninel Conte and Ari Delch A few weeks ago, a photo with a different look surprised her because she dyed her hair blonde in the style of Danna Paola, and a few days later she did not leave the networks.

It was enough to let the followers of this photo know how beautiful she is Take a look The day before, she reappeared with a photo on her Instagram profile in which she was wearing fashionable jeans while posing in front of the mirror.

Beautiful daughter of Ninel and Ari She left her blonde hair behind Y Chestnut returned She got used to us and revealed in the photo how beautiful she is by deciding what to wear.

His re-emergence on social media is:

“Congratulations Monday! How are you today? I ‘ve been taking a break from social media, but I’m back. Tell me, how did you spend Valentine’s Day?”, He commented on the photo, many of which highlighted it She looks like her famous mom.

Sofa telch ninel conde ari telch photo social network

“You are beautiful, mom and dad’s genes, beautiful, beautiful combination”, “Without words, a woman’s beauty is like her mother, God bless you”, “beautiful”, “very beautiful” Y “Hey, you’re beautiful”, There were some Comments They left office.

Sofa telch ninel conde ari telch photo social network

Ari was questioned a few days ago What do you think Her daughter expresses herself on social media and in the compliments she receives, noting that she is good at uploading photos on her profile and that she will always support everything she does.

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