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after the final decision Monetary policyadditional data observed in inflation, Both general and basicLess than expected by the Bank of Mexico, said the Governor of the Bank of Mexico, Victoria Rodríguez Cega.

In an interview with Andl Financial TVShe acknowledged that the panorama remains complex and uncertain globally, but that Mexico is in a very different situation, compared to other financial crises.

In any case, I repeat, we will be very attentive so that, if necessary, which we do not see at this moment, we can take appropriate decisions and Act at the right timeCommented under the 86th edition of the Banking Agreement.

“Going forward, we plan to look at inflationary expectations again,” he stressed.

Regarding the Fed’s interest rate, Rodriguez explained that analysts considered that the Bank of Mexico was “following” this variable, but with the recent monetary policy decision, it was noted that this is not the case.

“We discussed it, but it seems to me now This vision was clearly communicatedAnd then we’ll look at the inflationary panorama, but also, and I would like to emphasize it, the situation we’re in already,” he noted.

Is Panxico worried about the banking crisis in the United States?

On concern about possible contagion effects in Mexico due to bank failures in the US, the economist commented that these effects have already been “contained”.

“We know they are regional banks, They are not regular banks; who were in a very special position, focusing on a very specific sector, with very special characteristics, where There is no direct relationship with the Mexican financial system,” he explained.

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The governor emphasized that Mexico now has strong macro fundamentals that are in a better position than other emerging economies.

“The monetary policy measures of the Bank of Mexico, of course, contribute to this stability that we are observing,” he stressed.

Satisfied with Banxico’s actions

After 15 months as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banxico and Be the first woman to do soVictoria Rodriguez said she was satisfied and happy with the responsibility the organization had in the decisions that had to be faced High inflation.

“I have dedicated myself entirely to addressing what we are facing. I stressed that I feel good about the actions we have taken in the institution, and that we are responsible for carrying out our mandate.”

Regardless of gender, he stressed that the presidency of the Central Bank is a challenge for whoever occupies this position.

“In no circumstances would it have been difficult to lead such an important institution. However, given the circumstances we are going through globally, Of course it’s a double challengeHe finished.

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