The customer prefers to blow up his car to change the battery

Source: Pommijätkät

Tuomas Katainen is a Finnish national who bought one of the first Tesla Model S models in 2013, and is from For a long time he was described as proud From Elon Musk car brand. Until a technical problem changed everything…

The car started out with critical tech-related errors, so he took it to service to come up with a solution. The reaction he received made him feel cold: The only thing I could do was pay 20 thousand euros to change the battery…

And I need that Tesla Agree to the repair.

surprise for everyone

Katainen’s decision was totally unexpected: Prefer to blow up the car than pay for the repair! Together with some friends, he began devising a plan to run the vehicle with guarantees, and his dream came true thanks to the entry into the scene of the famous YouTube channel Pommijätkät.

This space specializes in exploding all kinds of things, so the prospect of a Tesla exploding was too sweet to miss. After calling the owner of the car, they fired all their artillery shells at Create a video at the peak of the unusual resolution.

Fuente: Pommijä  tk & # xe4;  t

Source: Pommijätkät

the result is A visually impeccable pieceThanks to the use of multiple cameras slow motion Accurate production at the height of professional photography. Since a luxury car is smashed, it can be seen from different angles, right?

This customer dissatisfied with Tesla (With Elon Musk’s “veil” included in the form of a mannequin) is a blow to the brand due to the huge reach of its angry reaction, which has already been watched by more than two million people. If he had known, surely the South African tycoon would have preferred to pay for the Model S repair out of his own pocket…

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