The country has students from 40 countries

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs establishes that all citizens of the world who wish to study in the Dominican Republic can apply for a student visa at the embassies of this country.

The country is open to the world and says, “All our natural beauty, our history, our investment and business interests, as well as the warmth of our citizens, invite people from all over the world to come and enjoy an enchanting island. Full of opportunities.”

They are renewable
As for student visas, he notes that they are renewable every year, and with the arrangement of President Louis Abinadar suspended the special visa program for Haitian students in the country “indefinitely”. Taking into account the most recent figures from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the question arises as to what will happen to the more than 6,000 Haitians pursuing university degrees in the country when the one-year validity period of the current visa expires. And technology, associated with 2019.

“Student visas are issued for the purpose of studying in the Dominican Republic, proving their status as students accepted by the Dominican educational institutions in which they are studying. This visa is renewed each year and interested parties must meet the requirements for this purpose,” the State Department said.

On the same portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it provides explanations on the non-citizenship permit for foreigners entering the Dominican Republic to study at the officially registered study center. “The validity period of this permit is one year, renewed annually for up to six years,” he says.

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Requirements Proof that you are enrolled in a Dominican University.

Once a student visa has been issued at the Dominican Embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a card issued by the Directorate of Public Migration regulating foreign student immigration status is required.

One of the terms required by this “stop” to renew student visas is that Haitians may not pursue university degrees with tourist visas.

Tourist visas
One source said that the vast majority of Haitians at Dominican universities now hold tourist visas.

One student said they came and registered as tourists and then went to the Foreign Ministry to apply for a student visa and as soon as they got it they went to the relocation office to seek their permission.


According to a general report by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology Higher Education Statistics 2017 and Historical Summary 2005-2017, 1,970 people from 49 countries were enrolled in the Dominican Republic in 2017, making it the largest group in Haiti.

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