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It will be a journey through different seasons that will revive the ancestral traditions through stories, legends and stories. From next Friday, September 16, Duende Carrapa, Madre Monte, Hojarrasquín and Count will take over our city’s Ecoparks network, to speak through the stories, legends and legends of the coffee region, about the importance of caring for and protecting the environment and the actions we must take to preserve it.

In this way, the Institute of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Environment of Manizales seek to promote the new cultural and recreational spaces of Manizales, where not only environmental training processes are promoted, but also oral traditions and the preservation of the historical memory alive of the country.

This is how, every Friday, legends and legends will unfold in different parks in the city, such as the popular El Prado forest, Los Alcazares Ecological Park, the Colonists’ Monument and the Women’s Park, taking advantage of the advantages and spaces. And green spaces in each of them.

In this sense, the first space will take place in the Women’s Garden starting at 6:00 pm; Next September 23 at the Colonists’ Memorial at 7:00 pm and on Friday the 30th at Los Alcázares Ecopark at 5:00 pm.

For Juan Gabriel Arango, Coordinator of the Ecological Parks Network of Manizales, these types of events “call for the patronage of these representative regions of Manizales, to visit them, learn about their importance to the city and raise awareness of the oral traditions for sustainability of the regions.”

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El Duende Carrapa, a wonderful character who loves to play and jump when humans visit the jungle. Protector of forest animals and plants, bearer of wisdom. It is characterized by making jokes and taking people’s things.

El Hojarrasquín will tell stories highlighting the protection and care of living trails and fences, as well as the importance it places on the development of the areas.

Mother Monty, a fictional being who is angered by all those who mistreat the natural environment, and thus, acts as a protector. A half-woman, half-mountain creature appears when crops are damaged, trees are cut down, and crops of native species are attacked.

Finally, the Count, known as the King of the Andes, will come from the sky to protect mountains, tributaries, protection areas, hillsides, and natural protection areas such as the Ecological Parks Network.

This activity has no cost and does not require pre-registration. Those interested in enjoying the nights of myths and legends should go every Friday to the ecological park where it will be held.

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