NASA: What did Katia Echazarita, the only Mexican in space, study?

Perhaps this is one of the dreams of thousands of young people who Katya was able to give thanks for founding Blue OriginThis allowed her to be selected from among thousands of applicants to do so. She’s been dreaming of it since she was seven, and she finally managed to do it June 4.

Katya’s mission, as revealed by Blue Origin, was Providing representation for women and minorities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as well as expanding access to space.

Thus, the young engineer was part of the fifth group of passengers on the rocket built by Jeff Bezos Blue Origin. The NS-21 was launched at the Blue Origin facility in West Texas at 8:25 AM. The vehicle managed to exceed 100 km above the Earth’s surface. Prior to that, Katya had already worked at NASA, where she contributed to testing a total of five missions.

to be made, Katia He studied electrical engineering at UCLA, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Computer Science and Electricity john Hopkins. With an interest in the world of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), she has also collaborated as co-host of the Netflix series IRL on YouTube and Electric Kat on CBS Mission Unstoppable.


Two weeks ago, in an interview shown in Mexico City, Katya admitted that when she was awarded a scholarship to study at a higher level, her teachers did not trust her potential, but rather was discriminated against “for studying a profession for men.”
“My university professors told me these professions are not for women, they told me I was missing out on a man who really deserved it,” the young woman said during the event organized by the Mexico City government.

But this did not stop the young engineer, who emphasized that in order to get what you want, it is necessary, first of all, to have confidence in oneself. “Always remember that the most important words are those you say to yourself,” said the young woman.

Echazarita also emphasized that she not only wants to be known for her accomplishments, but also wants her example to help change people’s lives, sending the message that desire is power if we focus on it.

I want to devote myself to helping each of you to be what you want, we can do what we want to be; If they want to reach space, they can do sosaid the young woman who also became a speaker.

Many children in Mexico want to follow Katia’s lead. Special

It will strengthen the youth of Mexico

After his visit to Talent Land, the country’s most important technology and innovation event, Echazarreta indicated that he would seek to create initiatives in cooperation with government authorities, such as the Federal Government and the Government of Jalisco, in order to Promote initiatives that promote technical and scientific educationand to ensure that those young people who wish to access it can do so.

“One of the reasons I work here a lot in Mexico is because I want to be involved in different initiatives like government, for me it’s not enough to inspire people, of course that’s incredible, but if we’re not helping create those opportunities for Mexicans, then what’s the point, so I’ve been working with Jalisco conference to create some initiatives,”


Where can I study electrical engineering?

University Center for Exact Sciences and Engineering (CUCEI) From the University of Guadalajara offers a similar job called Electromechanical Engineering. Engineering was established in 2022 and has three generation lines: protection and automation of electrical systems, application of computing in electrical engineering and analysis of electrical systems. The Unitec For its part, offers Systems Engineering, as well as the Autonomous University of Guadalajara. The ITESOFor its part, it offers the option of Computer Systems Engineering.


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