The city council reduces the area of ​​\u200b\u200bLa Lunga’s terraces

As of January 1, the New area plans which organizes the general occupation of Noredona and the squares of Drasana and La Longa, as well as Alexandre Jaume. There will be changes, especially in La Lunga, where the occupation of the stands is reduced by 11.41 percent. “On December 31, plans for the occupation of public roads in these areas were published, and they have already been implemented since January 1,” said Claudia Costa, member of the board of directors of Barbisasio Ciutadana e. In this way, the area plan for Drasana and La Lunga, which began a year and a half ago with the population, becomes a reality, which will allow a redistribution of the occupation of the terraces.

“We have verified that New demarcation It also respects the transit area between buildings and housing gates, as well as the space containing public furniture, ”Costa added. According to Marcos Canapate, Director General of the Interior Government, in the case of La Lunga, “it is no longer a pedestrian zone.” The aim is to reach a balance In a space marked by complaints from neighbors due to increased occupancy.With the new district plan, La Lunga balconies will go from occupying 25.95 percent of the public space to 14.46 percent, down by 11.41 percent.This means that if last year the establishments occupied 276.15 square meters square footage, this year it will be 153.98 square meters.

In the case of Plaça de la Drassana, there are hardly any changes: a decrease of only 1.21 percent in occupancy, from 141.25 square meters in effect until last year (6.05 percent of the square). to 112.97 square meters this year (4.84 percent). In Noredona, the new zoning plan states that terracing They can only occupy two metres From the facades towards the interior of the civil axis. The goal is to “avoid a new Blanquerna”, in which pedestrian traffic is minimized between the stands and the bike lane. “We want to have walkways, play areas and social use for neighbours. “We are committed to a balanced coexistence,” Costa said.

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a bad example

With activity licenses limited to a maximum of three bars or restaurants per 50 metres, it was achieved that ‘no applications for hospitality licenses have been registered in Nuredduna. There are only Five institutions All over the street “, explained the Chancellor, which will prevent it from becoming a new factory street. On the other hand, in the columns, the separation with the stadium is respected. In the case of Piazza Alexandre Jaume, the only change in the three stands is the greater separation between them.

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