Meet La Quinta Strip, Lima’s new commercial and financial space

The new business and financial space in Lima has already opened its doors. The project will be named El Polo Plaza Center, located in the Surco Mall “fifth sector” Here we tell you all the surprises it brings.

As we expected exclusively in retail Peru, the business located at El Polo 759 jirón seeks to increase the commercial diversification of the area, considered one of the main in terms of retail in the country. In charge of the project is Peruvian businessman Nidal Dam, who, together with other operators in the area, seeks to increase the value of El Polo and turn it into a large street, attractive to all audiences.

As such, the Fifth Strip It was consolidated as the financial block of the commercial hub, with the new bank buildings on its land BBVA (which was in front of El Polo mall) and BanBif. In addition, another financial entity will soon be added, which will be a municipal fund, cooperative society or lending agency.

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The offer is complementary dollar Low-priced chain store, with a large store of 885 square meters, long aisles with hundreds of products between 1 and 20 soles. In addition, it will open in the following weeks restaurant From a new brand called Taio, which will be located in the basement of the venue and will have a balcony on the main floor.

In more detail, both banks are located on the first floor, while the dollar rises on the second level. In addition, it has a parking lot with an entrance from the right (next to the restaurant), which leads to the second part of this wonderful project: A Company office building. This structure consists of a car park and 3 upper floors of offices, each of 408m22.

the total, The height of the fifth sector is 3400 m2. According to DUX Consulting’s project manager Ricardo Nabanga, the construction manager responsible for this project, “El Polo Plaza Center” required an investment of 9.7 million sol (£9,700,000.00), he disclosed to Peru Retail.

a favour "Fifth bar"the new commercial and financial space in Lima
An office building at the back of the complex (Photo: Perú Retail)

The La Quinta Strip opens its doors to promote the El Polo collection

About this new space, Nidal Dam noted: “We offer a different concept and thought of presentation and this enhances the mix of the district. The arming of the financial axis allows defining the spaces of the entire street; so you also have the entertainment of Urban Plaza [también de su propiedad] And two areas in the El Polo shopping center “.

“It’s about giving more variety and more alternatives to the Lima consumer. Plus, this La Quinta bar features unique finishes and luxurious details to make the experience powerful.”, narrowed. In this regard, in addition to the ceramic floor and wall finishes, it has multiple areas of greenery to increase the value.

Likewise, the LED lighting is designed to maintain the El Polo’s aesthetics. The 17-meter-tall spire visible in front of the space, as well as the details on the Dollarcity facade and inside the car park, were worked on by the famous. Peruvian architect Claudia Paz.

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a favour "Fifth bar"the new commercial and financial space in Lima
(photo: Peru Retail)
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