The CDEEE liquidation generates RD $ 3,600 million in savings

Order No. of August 16, 2020. Application of 342-20, which provides for dissolution Dominican Corporation of State Electricity Companies (CDEEE), the transformation of the Rural and Suburban Electrification Unit (UERS) and the removal of various boards of directors of companies and public sector companies in the sector have resulted in a significant reduction in operating costs in the national power sector.

Official figures show that between September 2020 and the end of August 2021, RD was down $ 3,655 million. Condition During the same period, between 2019 and 2020 was dedicated to this sector. The reduction was due to a fall in RD $ 618.7 million employee spending; Suppression of $ 1,690.6 million RD in personal services and goods and supplies line for RD $ 1,284 million.

Order no. Changed to 342-20. Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) Attributes, Functions and Powers CDEEE And ordered institutional reform, including the dissolution of its board of directors and executive vice president.

The Consolidated Council of EDEs has signed three renewable energy agreements

Similarly, the President’s arrangement was advised for restructuring Rural and Suburban Electrification Division (UERS) and legal number. 100-13 and frame no. Merging the three Boards of Directors of Electricity Distribution Companies (EDEs) in accordance with Rules 142-13.

Funds created as a result of eliminating administrative costs CDEEE They are linked to a single treasury account.

When this is deep and wide Wage and cost adjustment Measures to guarantee the proper functioning of the National Electricity Service were not affected and the rights of private and public companies that had contract and business relations with CDEEE at the time of the dissolution were not affected.

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Labor benefits workers Victims were paid by MEM in a timely manner, without registering claims for wages received from the contractual relationship with CDEEE.

This Reform This is a significant part of the challenge we see with the aim of putting the national energy sector on a long-term sustainable path that will increase the productivity and competitiveness of the Dominican Republic for the benefit of present and future generations.

Ministry of Energy and Mining, Governing Body National Energy Organization, Reaffirms its commitment to ensuring a reliable, efficient and transparent supply of electricity, in terms of financial and environmental sustainability, for the economic and social development of the Dominican community.

With regard to excessive costs Redesign It should be noted that the headquarters of the old CDEEE in La Feria are undergoing a process of repair in several areas under a sophisticated structural and operational environment and covering several levels of that old building.

Adaptation was necessary Proper cracks and leaks This allowed members of the UERS, which is no longer part of the Ministry of Energy and Mining, to stay and put residents at risk.

It is also pertinent to explain that the premises of the Nago Department which owned MEM should be handed over to its owners by the end of December. Foreign Bank (BANDEX).

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