Mario Duran with an advantage in the office of mayor of San Salvador

After defeating his main rival in the Arena Party, Ernesto Mushont, Duran declared himself the winner, wanting his second term at the helm of the commune.

According to preliminary data from the number of minutes on the court, Mario Duran, the candidate for new ideas, will become the new mayor of San Salvador after defeating his rival Ernesto Mushand of the Arena party. Election peak.

This Monday morning Duran was declared the winner through his Twitter account, where he changed the information on his profile and described himself as “the elected mayor of the capital of El Salvador”.

Later, his party backed Duran’s announcement through a post on the social network.

“Uneuvasideas return to San Salvador! Ari Marioturan, Mayor!”

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On Feb. 28, Duran cast his ballot at the Manuel Jose Ars National Institution in the Modello neighborhood of San Salvador, where he arrived with a group of supporters.

As of 02:04 this Monday afternoon, DSE’s initial data outlined him as the winner of the Capital Commune, with 89.45 per cent records explored.

Drone’s election comes amid allegations of corruption on his orders with Buckley as head of the capital commune during the 2015-2018 term. Political opposition has also indicated that the government has used public resources to support the election campaign with its coalition partners’ new ideas and the grand coalition for national unity (Ghana).

A total of 17,074 candidates were elected on February 28, highlighting the crowd and long queues at polling stations.

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More than 5.3 million voters have been called to cast their ballots at 8,451 polling stations in 1,595 polling stations across the country, according to the Supreme Court of Justice (DSE).

Despite the presence of Salvadorans in the polls, some polling stations recorded less than half the turnout in their voter lists, with JRVs in Santa Ana, Apopa and Moncago.

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