The canceled Xbox 360 remaster movie has been found

Full gameplay and a thirty-minute multiplayer have appeared to cancel the Xbox Live Arcade remaster of the classic N64 Golden i007.
A distribution of YouTuber CrossLo 00 Golden I007 XPLA (2007) – Long Play, The Xenia prototype runs at 4K / 60 FPS and gives fans a taste of what a rare reconstruction would look like if rights issues were not prevented.This is not the first time we have seen pictures of this canceled project, which is nearing completion because in 2016 a small feature of the game appeared, which showed improved visibility, the ability to switch between graphics. Old and redesigned and so on.

A modern redesign / remake of the Golden E007 was released for the week by Activision in 2010. In our review we said “What could turn into a game running on automated pilot became a name to sell as the best first person shooter on the Wii. The Golden Eye offers a fantastic single player campaign, which is new and familiar, and the multiplayer attention – most Golden Eyes have on Nintendo 64 fans – is amazing and rarely found on the Nintendo console. “

In the YouTube video, Crossloo 00 mentions that they have been told that this version will be released to the public in 2021 in some form.

Although we do not have a proper Golden Eye remaster soon, developer Hitman Io Interactive is working on a new James Bond game that will allow players to get the first 00 position in the world’s favorite secret agent position. The origin of the Bond story. “

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