The Cádiz Chair of Flamencology will have space for study and research

The city council and the flamenco flag president signed an agreement for the transfer of buildings in Santa Maria

The city council signs with the entity the transfer of buildings on Calle Suarez de Salazar

The chair of flamenco science in Cadiz will have the space to study and investigate the art. The place, conceded by the Cádiz City Council, will be located on Calle Suárez de Salazar, 8. An area of ​​97 square meters will be used for the implementation of the cultural project “Flamenco in Schools”, whose main objective is to promote the knowledge of flamenco, recognized as a non-heritage material for mankind by UNESCO.

The commission was signed by the Mayor of Cadiz, José María González, and the Chair of the Cádiz Chair of Flamenco Science, Guillermo Boto. Counselors Lula Casalela and Paco Cano, heads of the delegations of culture, festivals and heritage, respectively, also attended the ceremony.

In addition, the association also wants to develop a project to promote and preserve the Saeta in this space, a section for the study and analysis of artists from Cádiz and also to dedicate itself to the study, classification and compilation of flamenco songs of all times on computer support. Assignment of the building for a period of four years, extendable for another four years by agreement between the two parties.

Lola Cazalilla confirmed that in the City Council “we are aware of the important work that the President is developing for the preservation, dissemination and research of flamenco, and above all for the promotion of flamenco in Cadiz”. Therefore, “we understood the need for them to have a space to be able to increase their activity, which we consider essential.”

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The Mayor noted “the importance of research and dissemination of knowledge to appreciate the cultural heritage of Cadiz, in this case the flamenco heritage that the city possesses. Flamenco is one of the basic lines of our cultural policies, and we are confident that the President will make good use of this space, always available to both flamenco and the public ” .

Flamenco wallpaper digitization

The Cádiz City Council has already offered, through the Delegation of Culture and Festivals, a grant of 6,000 euros at the end of 2022 to collaborate with the project to digitize the collection of archives of the Cádiz Chair of Flamenco Science. This fund contains more than a thousand vinyl and slate records of great heritage value.

Among the archives that will undergo this digitization process are great names in Cádiz flamenco, such as Mariana Cornejo, La Perla or Beni de Cádiz.

The Flamencology Chair in Cádiz holds an extensive collection of flamenco archives in books, magazines, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, commercial audio cassettes, unpublished audio cassettes, commercial audio CDs, CDs with private recordings, VHS videos, VHS videos with private recordings, DVDs, and an extensive collection Flamenco audio.

It is estimated that these discs contain more than 14,000 cantatas and phonemes, some of which are very old, such as Paquirri’s Soleá de Cádiz ‘El Guanté’ dated 1907.

The aim of this project, according to the Head of Flamencology, is to digitize all this collection so that said legacy is not lost and can be used in the present and future by new generations committed to preservation and study. traditions.

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