Gemini, Today’s Horoscope April 22, 2023: You have to act very carefully

Advice Your horoscope for this Saturday See what the predictions are for love, health and more.

Gemini, Your horoscope says that Mercury retrograde in your 12th house will expose you to dangers and threats, so you should proceed cautiously in all aspects of your life without rushing and re-examining all the details before taking any decision.

Day forecast

The Moon in the 1st house guides you to reflect on your future work, trying to balance the opportunities you are presented with the destiny that guides your life. Take advantage of the gifts of the Cosmos, for they will never be repeated.


If you’re tired of your current emotional situation, Venus in the 1st house gives you the energy to make the changes you need to find someone who can end your loneliness or end a toxic relationship. You get caught up in it.


Be very careful with your diet as your digestive system will be very sensitive on this day. Eat lightly, give your stomach a break and avoid heavy or irritating foods. Avoid milk.


If you occupy the energy you feel in productive work, instead of wasting it on emotional abuse, you will see how you will get great benefits and profits from your work, which will ensure more lasting satisfaction over time.


The muse of business blesses you with the inspiration you need to solve the financial problems you face today and start new projects that will allow you to increase your wealth. It’s up to you to implement the best ideas that pop into your head.

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Pair prediction

You will feel romantic crushes that grab your attention and lead you to embark on romantic adventures in search of the satisfaction of your desires. Don’t get attached to your new hits because they are only seasonal romances.


Love: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Friendship: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Work: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Sexual energy: Good

Today’s information

During this time, overconfidence can be your worst enemy as you can be misled by false impressions and easily fall prey to ill-intentioned people.

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